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Let me start by saying that I hope I exemplify what it means to be a Kingdom Daughter. Having served in my father’s ministry, New Life Cathedral, in Brooklyn, NY for four decades, I understand both the privileges and the pressures that come with being a part of a ministry family. As the daughter of Archbishop Robert Rochford Sr. and the late Pastor Lois Elaine Rochford, I learned first hand the value of developing a personal relationship with God for myself.


Growing up I used to feel like I had to be perfect and there was no room for error. If I made a mistake, I’d be so embarrassed and ashamed. People’s expectations and demands of me were overbearing.

It was a challenge to really walk in my own identity and find my voice, so I truly have a heart for pastor’s kids. 


I birthed The Kingdom Daughters to connect with likeminded women and young women who understand the unique role of pastor’s daughters and granddaughters in the family, the church, the community and society. My desire is to shape a sisterhood of women committed to God’s Kingdom, to our families and to each other.


As sisters in Christ, we need support and my goal is to create a safe space where we can be our best selves, use our gifts, and impact the world.


Join us! I’m honored to connect with you!

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